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  Cyrilson Retires/Ewa
   Directed by Haim Tabakman

   (in Post-Production)
















The year is 1975. Cyrilson, 55, retires, shuts down his transportation company, fires the old drivers and his vibrant, young secretary and goes home.

At home there’s Eva, 50, his wife, a holocaust survivor, beautiful and gentle on the outside, but strong-willed and brave on the inside.

The two of them have a daughter, Yehudit, 24, who has left home to study medicine - leaving Eva to be Cyrilson’s entire life, and Cyrilson to be Eva’s entire life.

Cyrilson finds it hard to get used to the empty stretches of spare time at home, while Eva continues to head out for work. He spends his days doing errands he’s been putting off for years. While cleaning up the messy shed, Cyrilson finds a letter from the bank and discovers he owns a property he knew nothing of.

Cyrilson goes to see the property he never knew he owned and discovers that the small apartment in the slums of Amidar has a tenant: Meni, 55, a holocaust survivor who was not able to assimilate into Israeli society and spends his days fixing old washing machines. Gradually, Cyrilson discovers that Meni is Eva’s long lost husband, back from the horrors of the holocaust, and that he and Eva have been having a secret relationship for the past 25 years, practically since the day Cyrilson and Eva were married. Cyrilson now has to question everything in life: Eva, Meni, his daughter and himself…


Technical information

Feature Film, 90 min, HD, colour

Metro Communications (ISR) / Les Films du Lendemain (FR) / Opus Films (PL) / Vandertastic (DE)

Funded by MFG Filmförderung



Avi Kushnir · Efrat Ben-Tzur · Gil Frank · Sharon Danon · Gaya Shlita Katz · Gadi Piterman



Producers: David Silber, Hanneke van der Tas, Kristina Larsen, Ewa Puszczynska, Ronen Ben Tal

Director: Haim Tabakman

Screenwriter: Haim Tabakman, Amit Ron

Director of Photography: Axel Schneppat

Editor: Haim Tabakman, Dov Steuer

  Where is Rocky II ?

  Directed by Pierre Bismuth

  (In Post-Production)












It is believed that internationally acclaimed American artist Ed Ruscha produced in the late 70's an artwork that almost no one has seen - "Rocky II" - a fake rock hidden amongst real ones in the vast space of the Californian desert.

The only known proof is a documentary featuring the artwork made by the BBC in 1979. Ruscha has acknowledged the existence of the piece, but refuses to provide any further information. If this artwork does exist... Where exactly is it to be found? Why is it hidden? What is there to hide ?

Director Pierre Bismuth hires a private detective and a screenwriting duo. The detective and the screenwriters will be filmed in separate sequences, in a traditional documentary style, as they engage in their respective practices and work rituals.

Each of them will have to work out the existence of the mysterious artwork. They will proceed in accordance to the customary methods of their fields:
The private detective will investigate the existence of the artwork and, if it is confirmed, try to find it.
The duo of screenwriters will elaborate together, through their work on the screenplay, a fictional hypothesis about the existence of the mysterious artwork.

In his investigations, the detective interviews all possible witnesses in order to provide evidences about the existence and the location of Rocky II.

The different stages of the investigation are filmed, resulting in a documentary that could end in the discovery of the famous rock in the desert, or not.


Technical Information

Documentary, 90 min, HD, colour
The Ink Connection (FR) / Vandertastic (DE) / Frakas Production (BE) / In Between Art Film (IT)Funded by nordmedia / Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg



Director: Pierre Bismuth
Screenwriter: Pierre Bismuth

Director of photography: David Raedeker

Producers: Gregoire Gensollen

Co-Producers: Hanneke van der Tas / Jean-Yves Roubin / Beatrice Maria Bordone / Gregorio Paonessa
Editor: Ewin Ryckaert

  On the road mit Sócrates

  A film with Daniel Cohn-Bendit,
  directed by Niko Apel














In Brazil, Football is more than sport. More than making money. In Brazil, Football is a passion. And it’s also a field for social commitment. The cornerstone for this has been laid more than 40 years ago from exceptional footballer Sócrates with his „Democracia Corinthiana“.During the World Cup 2014, Daniel Cohn-Bendit travelled through the country with the aim to find out, how much of Sócrates’ spirit is still noticeable in the land of football. The film is a poetic essay about football, life, Brazil and democracy. Not least it is a homage to Sócrates, who actually wanted to join this trip, but died shortly before the shooting started.


Technical Information

Documentary, 86 min, HD, colour
Acajou Films (FR) / Vandertastic (DE)
Funded by Hessische Filmförderung



Directors: Niko Apel, Ludi Boeken
Screenwriter: Daniel Cohn-Bendit
Producers: Laurence Uebersfeld, Hanneke van der Tas
Line Producer France: Laurence Uebersfeld
Line-Producers Brazil: Erwan Massiot

Friends from France

directed by Anne Weil and Philippe Kotlarski


1979. Carole and Jerome are 20 and go on tour in Odessa, behind the Iron Curtain. They are cousins and pretend engaged. The day as tourists, they visit monuments and museums. In the evening, they part company and the group meet clandestinely refuseniks, Jews harassed by the Soviet regime for trying to leave the country. They discover an unknown world, brutal and absurd. If Carole is driven by the commitment and willingness to take risks, to Jerome, the real motivation of this trip is Carole.


Technical Information

Feature Film, 101 min, HD, colour

Les Films du Poisson (FR) / Vandertastic (DE) / Rock Films (RU) / Amerique Films (CN) 

Funded by Media, MDM, DFFF and FFA



Jeremie Soko, Ania Lippman, Martin Bukstein, Arnau Dulery Nissen, Martina Tomè



Producer: Laetitia Gonzales, Yael Fogiel

Co-Producers: Hanneke van der Tas, Aylet Kait, Karel Chvojka, Milos Lochman, Martin-Paul Hus

Director of Photography: Frederic Serve

Editor: Philippe Kotlarski

World Sales: Pyramide



Homeland, Sex and Further Inconveniences

Directed by Réka Kincses



Zsuzska, a Hungarian immigrant in Germany, has succeeded in becoming more German than the Germans, when she realizes that something has gone missing along the way…










Technical information

Feature Film, 97min, 35mm, colour, 16:9

© 2011 Niko Film & Vandertastic (DE) / Inforg Studios (HU) / ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel (DE) / dffb (DE)

Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg, Filmförderung des Bundes, FilmFörderungsFonds Bayern, Filmförderungsanstalt



Krisztina Kerekes · Zsolt Bognán · Eszter Csákány · Attila Tóth · Hilda Péter  



Producers: Nicole Gerhards, Hanneke van der Tas

Screenwriters: Réka Kincses, Erzsebet Racz

Picture: Asia Iphone

Director: Réka Kincses

Director of Photography: Adrian Stähli

Editor: Burkhard Althoff

Kill Me

Directed by Emily Atef



Since her brother’s death, 15-year-old Adele feels stifled by her sad and lonely life on a remote farm with her parents in the German country side. When she meets murderer-on-the-run Timo, she agrees to help him escape to Marseilles if he promises to release her from her painful life by killing her.






Technical information

Feature Film, 92 min, 35mm, colour, 1:2,35

© 2011 NiKo Film & Wüste Film (DE) / Cinésud Promotion & Vandertastic (FR) / Hugofilm Productions (CH) / ARTE France Cinéma (FR) / WDR/Arte (DE)

Funded by Filmstiftung NRW, Deutscher Filmförderfonds, Mini-Traité, Zürcher Filmstiftung, Bundesamt für Kultur, ARTE Grand Accord, Provence-Alpes-Côtes d'Azur



Maria-Victoria Dragus · Roeland Wiesnekker · Wolfram Koch



Producers: Nicole Gerhards, Hejo Emons, Stefan Schubert

Co-Producers: Thierry Lenouvel, Hanneke van der Tas, Christof Neracher

Screenwriters: Emily Atef, Esther Bernstorff

Director: Emily Atef

Director of Photography: Stéphane Kuthy

Music: Cyril Atef

World Sales: Les Films du Losange

French Distribution: Les Films du Losange

German Distribution: farbfilm verleih

Land of Oblivion

Directed by Michale Boganim




















April 26th, 1986. On that day, Anya and Piotr celebrate their marriage. Little Valery and his father Alexei, a physicist at the power station in Chernobyl, plant an apple tree. Nikolai, the forest warden, makes his rounds in the surrounding forests.

Then, an accident occurs at the power station. Insidiously, the radioactivity transforms nature. The rain is yellow, the trees turn red. Piotr, a volunteer fireman, leaves to extinguish the flames. He never returns. A few days later, the population is evacuated. Alexei, forced to keep silent by the authorities, prefers to disappear.

Ten years later, the deserted Pripiat has become a no man’s land and a bizarre tourist attraction. Anya comes to the Zone every month as a tour guide, while Valery goes there to look for traces of his father. And Nikolai continues to cultivate a poisonous garden. With the passing of time, will they be able to accept the hope of a new life?


Technical Information


Feature Film, 108 min, 35mm, colour, 1:1,85

© 2011 Les Films du Poissons (FR) / Vandertastic (DE) / ARTE France Cinéma (FR)

Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Mini-Traité, EURIMAGES, CNC - Avance sur Recettes, Fondation Gan, Ciné +, Polish Film Institute




Olga Kurylenko · Andrzeij Chyra · Nicolas Wanczycki · Nikita Emshanov · Ilya Iosifov




Producers: Laetitia Gonzalez, Yaël Fogiel

Co-Producers: Hanneke van der Tas, Dariusz Jablonski

Screenwriters: Michale Boganim, Anne Weil

Director: Michale Boganim

World Sales: Le Pacte

French Distribution: Le Pacte

German Distribution: farbfilm verleih




Audience Award, Angers Film Festival 2012  

Audience Award, International Environmental Film Festival 2012  




La Biennale di Venezia 2011, Settimana Internazionale delle Critica (World Premiere)

Toronto International Film Festival 2011, Contemporary World Cinema

Chicago International Film Festival 2011, New Directors Competition

Warsaw Film Festival 2011, International Competition

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma 2011, Panorama Section

Haifa International Film Festival 2011

Tokyo International Film Festival 2011, Natural Section

Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2011, Perspective Section

Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival 2011

Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2011, Open Horizons Section

Bergen Film Festival 2011

Tallinn Black Nights 2011

Marrakech Film Festival 2011

Palm Springs Film Festival 2012

Festival Premiers Plans d’ Angers 2012

Göteborg International Film Festival 2012

Vilnius International Film Festival 2012

Istanbul Film Festival 2012

San Francisco Film Society 2012 

Munich Film Festival 2012

Unabhängiges Filmfest Osnabrück 2012

Sport de filles

Directed by Patricia Mazuy




The story of a rider on the quest for a horse. Her horse.
Disgusted at seeing the horses she trained for show jumping always taken away from her, Gracieuse decides to start over in the world of dressage, where she meets the legendary trainer Franz Mann. Franz, now exhausted and cynical, manages the stables of a rich aristocrat, who uses his horsemanship to her financial benefit. When Gracieuse finally believes to have found her horse, she realizes that her talent is nothing when confronted with the personal interests and high financial risks at stake in this sport.

Technical information

Feature Film, 101 min, 35mm, colour, 1,85:1

© 2011 Lazennec 3 & Maïa Cinema (FR) / Vandertastic (DE) / ARTE France Cinéma (FR)

Funded by CNC - Avances sur Recettes, Crédit d'impôt international, Région Centre, Les Sociétés de financement de l’industrie cinématographique et de l’audiovisuelle, ARTE France Cinéma, Mini-Traité



Marina Hands · Bruno Ganz · Josiane Balasko · Amanda Harlech · Isabel Karajan



Producer: Giles Sandoz, Grégoire Debailly, Hanneke van der Tas

Screenwriter: Simon Reggiani

Director: Patricia Mazuy

World Sales: Le Pacte

French Distribution: Le Pacte

German Distribution: farbfilm verleih




Pardo alla carriera to Bruno Ganz, Festival del Film Locarno 2011




Festival del Film Locarno 2011, Piazze Grande (World Premiere)

International Film Festival of India 2011, Official Selection

On the Edge (Sur la planche)

Directed by Leila Kilani


















In Tangier’s old town, two young Casablancan girls - BADIA and IMANE -  live their lives amongst the army of workers who inhabit the city.  Peeling shrimps by day in a spotless shrimp factory then turning tricks by night, the girls make extra money by fencing meagre goods stolen from their nocturnal ‘clients’.   Beyond Tangier lies the “Free Zone”, a symbol for global world sub-contracting. 

It is Europe on Moroccan land, on African land:  close, tangible, yet accessible only to those with a work permit.  One evening BADIA and IMANE encounter two other girls, ASMA and NAWAL who are slightly more advantaged than them in that they work in the Free Zone which BADIA sees as a springboard into a more material world.  Strengthened by their new friendship they form what BADIA feels to be a girl power gang where they can conquer all: cosmopolitan cafes, upscale oceanfront houses, better paying jobs and luxury goods -- altogether more opportunities. The girls explore every corner of this new space and make it theirs from dusk to dawn; they never sleep and they don’t stop moving. But they encounter other opportunists and gangsters who put even more temptation in BADIA’s sights and they are certainly not afraid to give her a run for her money.


Technical information

Feature Film, 106 min, 35mm, colour, 16:9 anamorphic

© 2011 Aurora Films (FR) / Socco Chico Films (MA) / INA (FR) / DKB Productions (FR) / Vandertastic (DE)


Funded by the Centre Cinématographique Marocain, Fond Sud Cinéma, World Cinema Fund, Hubert Bals Fund, Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, Région Centre-Centre Images, La Région Basse-Normandie, La Région Ile-de-France, Abu Dhabi Post Production Fund




Soufia Issami · Mouna Bahmad · Nouzha Akel · Sara Betioui



Producers: Charlotte Vincent, Leila Kilani

Co-Producers: Hanneke van der Tas, Gérald Collas, Emmanuel Barrault

Screenwriters: Leila Kilani, Abd-Eli Hafed Benotman

Director: Leila Kilani

Director of Photography: Eric Devin

Editor: Tina Baz

Music: Wilifried Blanchard (Wilkimix)

World Sales: Fortissimo

French Distribution: Epicentre Films



Cinema in Motion Award, San Sebastian International Film Festival 2010

Golden Tauro Best Film, Best Actress and Best Director, Taormina Film Festival 2011

Jury Prize Special Mention 2011, Paris Cinema International Film Festival

Prize FIPRESCI, Films from the South Festival 2011

Critic's Prize, Festival International du Film Francophone 2011

Best Film, Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival 2011

Special Jury Prize, FIFI Bruxelles 2011

Best Actress, FIFI Bruxelles 2011

Grand Prix, Arte Mare 2011

Music Prize, Arte Mare 2011

Young Audience Prize, Arte Mare 2011

Special Mention, UIFF Popoli e Religioni 2011




Cannes Film Festival 2011, Quinzaine des Réalisateurs (World Premiere)

Tübingen & Stuttgart Film Festival 2011

Göteborg Film Festival 2012

International FF & Forum on Human Rights 2012

Bergamo Film Meeting 2012

International Film Festival Hong Kong 2012

Film Festival Arab 2012

International Film Festival Haifa 2012

Paris Cinema International Film Festival 2011, International Competition

27. Rencontres Cinéma de Gindou 2011, International Competition

Kerala Internatioal Film Festival 2011

Cuenca Film Festival 2011

Festival de San Sebastian 2011

La Viennale 2011

Festival du film de Vendôme 2011

Middle East Film Festival 2011, Competition

Festival International de Tessalonique 2011

Goa International Film Festival 2011

Chicago International Film Festival 2011

Festival des 3 Continents 2011

Festival du Film Arabe 2011

Festival Cinéalma 2011

Festival Maghreb des Films 2011

Festival Cinémed 2011

Festival Cinématographique d'Automne 2011

Festival des Cinémas d'Afrique du Pays d'Apt 2011

Festival International du film d'Arras 2011

Festival Lumières d'Afrique 2011

International Film Festival Amiens 2011

American Film Market 2011

Films From the South 2011

Antalya International Film Festival 2011

Printemps & Cinéma du Maghreb Orléans 2011

Festival de Films de Femmes 2011

Festival du Film Indépendant 2011

Festival Résonances 2011

Festival du film d'Éducation 2011

Festival Arte Mare 2011

UIFF Popoli e Religioni 2011

Around the World in 14 films 2011

International Film Festival Marrakech 2011

Rotterdam Film Festival 2012

Premiers Plans 2012

Film Fesival Palm Springs 2012

International Film Festival Tromsø 2012

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012

Swedish Film Institute 2012

14,4KM 2012

International Film Festival Istanbul 2012, International Competition

Film Festival Black Movie 2012

Filmfest Oslo 2012

Film Festival Turkey/Germany 2012

Divercine 2012

Film Festival Sguardi Altrove 2012

Film Festival Cinema Novo 2012

Festival films Made by Women 2012

International Film Festival Ankara 2012

International Film Festival Vilnius 2012

Film Festival Afrika 2012

African, Asian and Latin America Film Festival 2012

Cinemafrica 2012

Riviera Maya Film Festival 2012

International Film Festival Muscat 2012

International Film Festival Bari 2012

Febiofest 2012

Lichter Filmtage 2012

Filmfestival Artichoke 2012

International Film Festival 2012

Festival Vues d'Afrique 2012

International Film Festival 2012

CPH:PIX 2012

International Women's Film Festival Dortmund/Cologne 2012

International Women's Film Festival 2012

Crossing Europe Film Festival 2012

Indie Lisboa 2012

Newport Beach Film Festival 2012

New Taipei City Film Festival 2012

Spot Taipei Film House 2012

Palm Beach Women's International Film Festival 2012

Habibi revolt Film Festival 2012

Flying broom Women's Film Festival 2012

International Film Festival Berkshire 2012

International Film Festival Transilvania 2012

Mediterranean Film Festival Split 2012

Franco Arab Film Festival 2012

Shanghai International Film Festival 2012

Film Festival Taipei 2012

Granada International Film Festival Cines del Sur 2012

Cinecultura 2012

Samsung Women's International Film Festival 2012

Internatinal Film Festival Durban 2012

Cinémas d'Afrique 2012

International Film Festival Helsinki 2012

Film Festival Malmö Arab 2012

Africa in Motion Film Festival 2012

Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival 2012

Cinemania 2012

Africamera 2012

Spot Taipei Film House 2012

Last Cowboy Standing

Directed by Zaida Bergroth




The story of two brothers and the bond of blood between them

In 1972, Rupert, 8 and Evert, 6 are two wildly imaginative brothers, lost in their cowboys-and-indians fantasies and playground romances with the neighbourhood girls. Everything starts to fall apart when Rupert finds a hidden letter. There are terrible fights and hushed whispers, then their mother is taken away. Ten years later, Rupert is still haunted by his childhood memories, trying to make sense of a series of events leading to a tragedy...


Technical Information

Feature Film, 119 min, 35mm, colour, Dolby SRD, 1:2.35

© 2009 Juoni Filmi (FIN) / Nikovantastic Film (DE) / ZDF/arte (DE)

Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Deutscher Filmförderfonds, Finnish Film Foundation, Nordisk Film & TV Fond


Lauri Tilkanen · Iiro Panula  · Omni Tommila  · Martti Suosalo  · Leea Klemola  · Tommi Korpela  · Elina Knihtilä


Producers: Jarkko Hentula, Hanneke van der Tas, Nicole Gerhards
Commissioning Editors: Holger Stern (ZDF), Birgit Kämper (ARTE)
Screenwriters: Antti Raivio, Jan Forsström, Zaida Bergroth
Director: Zaida Bergroth
Production Management: Piia Nokelainen
Director of Photography: Anu Keränen
Sound Design: Janne Laine
Editor: Nils Pagh Andersen
World Sales: M-Appeal
Finnish Distributor: FS Film Oy
German Distributor: farbfilm verleih



Flash Forward, Pusan IFF 2009

Best Screenplay, Jussi Finnish Film Prize

Best Sound Design, Jussi Finnish Film Prize  


Pusan International Film Festival 2009, Flash Forward (World Premiere)

International Film Festival Göteborg 2010, Nordic Competition

CPH: Pix Copenhagen 2010, New Talent Grand Prix

Taipei International Film Festival 2010, New Talent Competition 

Festival de Films de Femmes de Bruxelles, Elles Tournent 2010

Hamburg International Film Festival 2010

Europa Cinema Film Festival 2010

Cairo International Film Festival 2010, International Competition

Hong Kong European Film Festival 2011

Vittorio Veneto Film Festival Children & Youth 2011

Source from Loud Film

Every Day is a Holiday

Directed by Dima El-Horr


Three women are riding in the same bus through today's Lebanon for a day's journey towards the same destination: the men's prison. The first woman is visiting her husband, in jail since their wedding day. The second has one single goal in mind: to have her husband, who is serving a long sentence, sign the divorce papers that will finally free her. The third is traveling unwillingly, with fear in her stomach: she is secretly carrying in her bag the weapon her husband, one of the prison guards, forgot at home.

An accident throws the journey off track. Lost in the middle of nowhere, the women become prey to their anxieties and obsessions. As the land around them becomes more and more arid, they hear rumors of massacres and throngs of refugees... And yet they go on, pushing further into what eventually turns into an interior journey, where individual life and collective memory blend and blur into one another. Is this a dream, a nightmare, a fantasy or each woman's own reality?

Technical information

Feature Film, 90 min, 35 mm, colour, 1:1,85

© 2009 Ciné-Sud Promotion (FR) / Nikovantastic (DE) / Orjouane Productions (LB)

Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, World Cinema Fund, CNC - Avance sur Recettes, Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst


Hiam Abbass · Raia Haidar · Manal Khader · Karim Saleh · Nabil Abou Mrad

Fadi Abi Samta · Siro Faselian · Bilal Atoui · Berge Fasilian



Producer: Thierry Lenouvel                                                                                                                

Co-Producers: Hanneke van der Tas, Nicole Gerhards                                                                       

Screenwriters: Dima El-Horr, Rabih Mroueh                                                                                             

Director: Dima El-Horr                                                                                                                          

Photography: Dominique Gentil                                                                                                                   

World Sales: Urban Distribution                                                                                                                  

French Distribution: Sophie Dulac Distribution


Toronto International Film Festival 2009, Discovery (Word Premiere)

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2009, Official Competition

Rome International Film Festival 2009, International Competition

International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg 2009, International Competition

Bratislava International Film Festival 2009

Calabria Film Festival 2009

Dubai International Film Festival 2009, International Competition

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010, Bright Future

MoMA New Directors/New Films 2010

International Film Festival Dortmund/Köln 2010

CPH: Pix 2010, European Voices

International Istanbul Film Festival 2010

Seattle International Film Festival 2010

Mosaïques 2010

Granada Cines del Sur Festival 2010

Arab Film Festival Rotterdam 2010

Festival du Film Franco Arabe/Amman 2010

Alexandria Film Festival 2010

Chungmuro International Film Festival in Seoul 2010

Festival do Rio 2010

Arab Film Festival San Francisco 2010

Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen de Bruxelles 2010

Ljubljana International Film 2010

9th DiverCiné Film Festival 2010: A World View of La Francophonie

Filmmor Women’s Film Festival 2011

International Filmfestival Prague FEBIOFEST 2011

Reel Festivals 2011

Arab Cinema Showcase in Brazil 2011

Canadian Film Institute 2011

Casa Arabe Madrid 2011

Yabous Cultural Center 2011

Double Take

Directed by Johan Grimonprez


"If you meet your double, you should kill him". Acclaimed Belgian director Johan Grimonprez (dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y) casts Alfred Hitchcock as a paranoid history professor, unwittingly caught up in a double take on the cold war period. The master says all the wrong things at all the wrong times while politicians on both sides desperately clamor to say the right things, live on TV.









Technical information

Essay Film, 80 min, Digibeta and 35mm, colour and B/W

© 2009 ZAP-O-MATIK (BE) / Nikovantastic Film (DE) / Volya Films (NL) / ZDF/arte (DE)

Funded by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Nederlands Fonds voor de Film, nordmedia Fonds GmbH in Lower Saxony and Bremen, Rotterdam Film Fund


Ron Burrage (Hitchcock Double) · Mark Perry (Hitchcock Voice)


Producer: Emmy Oost                                                                                                                        

Co-Producers: Hanneke van der Tas, Nicole Gerhards, Denis Vaslin  

Screenwriter: Johan Grimonprez                                                                                                                 

Writer: Tom McCarthy (Remainder)                                                                                                            

Inspired by the Essay “25 August, 1983” by Jorge Luis Borges                                                                

Director: Johan Grimonprez                                                                                                                         

Editor: Dieter Diependale, Tyler Hubby

Commissioning Editor: Doris Hepp

Music: Christian Halten

World Sales: Urban Distribution

French Distributor: E.D. Distribution




Special Mention, Era New Horizons International Film Festival 2009

Special Mention, Image Forum Festival Yokohama 2009

Black Pearl Award for Best New Documentary Director, 9. Middle East International Film Festival Abu Dhabi 2009

Grand Prize Award, New Media Film Festival Los Angeles 2010


59th Berlin International Film Festival 2009, Berlinale Forum Expanded (World Premiere)


New Zealand International Film Festival 2009

Melbourne International Film Festival 2009

Docboat Warsaw Non Fiction E-Festival 2009

Bangkok International Film Festival 2009, Documentary Showcase

Athens International Film Festival 2009

Vancouver International Film Festival 2009, Nonfiction Features of

Underdox 2009

Flanders International Film Festival Ghent 2009, Look Apart

Montreal International Film Festival 2009, Nouveau Cinéma

Middle East Film Festival, MEIFF 2009

BFI London Film Festival 2009, Experimenta

Janela Internacional de Cinema Do Recife 2009

Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2009

Jihlava Film Festival 2009

Canberra International Film Festival 2009

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2009

Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival 2009

Torino Film Festival 2009

Amiens International Film Festival 2009

Image Forum Festival 2009

Oslo International Film Festival 2009

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2009, Official Competition

Sundance Film Festival 2010, New Frontier Film

San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2010

If Istanbul 2010

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival 2010

Hong Kong International Film Festival 2010, Global Vision

Ljubljana Doc Film Festival 2010

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2010

Jerusalem International Film Festival 2010, Documantery Competition

Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2010, Documantery Competition

Split Film Festival 2010, Special Award

Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali 2010, Official international Competition

Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers 2011